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A person in Copley Square feeds the pigeons quite regularly and in great volume. He may have been doing it so routinely that the pigeons have become attuned to his hand gesture when he disburses his feed. So if anyone makes a similar gesture, their hand sweeping the air, the birds settle immediately en masse until a few quick pecks at empty ground reveal no food. Then away they fly. I’m not sure if the hawk gets them when they are flying in or flying away. But I know this hawk caught and consumed at least two pigeons while I was in the area. The man has been asked not to feed the birds. We’ll see …

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simply a big beautiful tree that towers over his house

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Snow began to fall this morning and so I went to the window to check on my so-called copper branches.

These branches drape over a crumbling concrete wall.

The wall is adjacent to a muffler shop.  If I were to widen my shots you would see the mountain of tires, metal poles and big blue barrels.

The area is not easily accessible.  It is cordoned off on three sides by a metal fence.  It is only because I am next door and up high that I can see the beauty over the wall.

One day I may get up the nerve to talk with the manager and convince him to let me into the area, to climb over the tires, so that I can get up close to the tiny rambling woods.

But for now I am happy to shoot from a distance and later play with the images. As different details emerge out of the lovely chaos – a leaf still green, the illumination of paler twigs, and so forth – it feels a bit like painting with light.

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