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I glanced out the window and saw something drifting down from the sky.  At first I thought them the biggest snow flakes I’d ever seen.But when I went to the window I saw that they were in fact feathers. I looked up and around, and there it was on top of a nearby utility pole, a hawk feeding on its kill.


As I tried to focus my camera around the oak tree branches … thank goodness, they are still bare … the hawk stopped feeding, spread its wings and flew away only to be immediately replaced by another hawk. A mating pair perhaps.


These were large birds but it was not a sunny day so perhaps their outstretched wings which seemed so large to me cast no shadows down below and that’s why all the people standing on the sidewalk below the pole never noticed nature at work above them.




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This winged beauty landed in the tree across the street just as we entered the Breakheart Reservation in Saugus. https://www.mass.gov/locations/breakheart-reservation

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Photo by DL

I love when friends share pictures. A friend shared this picture with me as she makes her way into work. As you can see the sun is shining. I’m heading out into the world with my camera. I’ll see what I can capture to share with you in the near future. Have a great day!

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I was walking along the Charles River, years ago, when I saw this hawk taking flight.  I just happened to bring my camera up in time.  I don’t know what I expected to capture but memory is fickle and so I must have wanted something to help me remember the beauty of that moment, of the hawk’s motion.

There was no music by the river that day as there is in this short video of ballet dancer David Hallberg.  And it is the combination of his motion with the music of Olafur Arnald that made me pause, mesmerized … and inspired to move.  I will never move like Mr. Hallberg but it was interesting to be reminded of the physical self when it is too easy to get stuck to a chair behind a keyboard.

Director Eric K. Yue states that the video is “… less about the dance or context of a story, but rather a state of mind …” into a dancer’s preparations. I don’t see much ballet on stage but after watching this video I am tempted to seek some out.  Enjoy the video when you can. 😉

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