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You’ll find  Ieposolyma-The New Jerusalem in an area known as the north transept of Trinity Church in Copley Square.  It is an upper level window that rests beside another John La Farge masterpiece, The Resurrection (1902).  The New Jerusalem was completed and installed eight years earlier in 1884.

As described by scholar James L. Yarnall in his biographical study of John La Farge, this window depicts “the vision of the New Jerusalem described in the book of Revelation. The design fused Byzantine architecture and Mannerist figures from Correggio with a dazzling array of jeweled opalescent glasses.”

If you’re in Boston, see firsthand how the sunlight shines through all of this magnificent glass — this window apparently contains every kind of glass La Farge ever used including pressed jewels, confetti glass, and opalescent glass.  Tour information available here.

I tend to focus on the pieces that make up the whole, but if you search online you’ll find some photographs of the whole window, like this one.

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