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Detail from the stained glass window Purity by John La Farge

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I slowly move away from the computer. I find my camera and then begin to meander about the house looking for … looking for anything to photograph. Yesterday I settled on a large blue goblet picked up at an antique store for $3.

I photograph without purpose until purpose finds me. In this case I began to focus on the beautiful irregularities in the glass. Did doing so solve the writer’s block?

Not sure. Time will tell. But it was a good moment, to lose myself in the blue.


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late afternoon views through the rippled glass

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or I may move into a modern home where the glass will be quite clear without an imperfection to be found. But until then what pleasure to pause and peer out, as I did this sunny day, and never truly know what will be seen.

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The drinking glass I picked up at a thrift store with the intention of planting sprouts in it this winter.  But for now it has been sitting on a table next to the window.  This morning I dropped two small tomatoes into it, just a placeholder until I chop them up for salad later.  Then that thing happened again.  While at the keyboard I happened to glance over my shoulder and there it was, a curious light on the tomato as the morning sun shone through the curves of the green glass.  At first my focus was purely the tomato but as I hunched over my still life I noticed what was happening at the base of the glass.  So I placed a piece of black cardboard beneath the glass, removed the tomatoes and added some water. This is what I saw.

I changed the level of the water. I placed the green glass on top of a clear glass to raise its height.  At one point I dropped in an ice cube.

It was just fun to see what changes might take place.

I set aside the green glass and replaced it with a clear square glass that has a thick bottom.  I photographed its pyramid like base and that was pretty cool.

Overall, my “experiment” took about 15-20 minutes.

Not much clean up.  Just some glasses to dry.

Just some glasses to dry.


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