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I’m telling you. There’s a lot to be discovered just standing and watching a patch of morning glories. Have a good Friday!


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I found myself by the Mystic yesterday. I went without expectation, mostly feeling a need to stretch my legs. I gave myself one hour thinking that would be enough time to do one of my standard circuitous routes but for most of the hour I found myself in one spot. It was early morning, not too hot, the sun shining bright. A good wind but not too strong. I was able to plant my feet and practice patience as the butterflies settled around me.




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in the Arnold Arboretum. If you know the species name, please share!

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… you get lucky. There are dragonflies zipping all along the Mystic River right now but only this one paused long enough for me to take its picture. I love its wings.


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the seasons are changing wonderfully

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Now, I didn’t quite do a physical happy dance but I kind of sort of did mentally. When I was recently with my friend who needs to walk as part of her recuperation, we were slowly walking along a canal, and then I paused. She asked what I was looking at. I remember saying, “I saw just a shimmer … but the thing about spider webs is that you need the right light … wait a minute! Wait a minute! There! Can you see it? There’s the web!”

I kept inching forward despite the fact that swimming is not my greatest skill. The web was right at the water’s edge taut between trees and grape vines. I knew the light would shift soon, and it did. My friend had waited patiently for me as I got as many shots as I could. Eventually we continued on our loop. I became lost in my thoughts and then I heard, “Cynthia!” I looked around. “What?” “Don’t you see it?” She pointed out a spider’s web. And she pointed it out with expectation. With a grin, I pulled out my camera.

She continued to point out spider webs throughout the journey home.

Despite my love for E. B. White’s book Charlotte’s Web and the animated movie, I don’t go out of my way to seek out spiders. But I do have a growing appreciation for the webs. Their embodiment of complicated concepts of connections, nodes, fragility and at the same time great strength and resiliency. I can’t always see the webs around me but when I do I treasure the moment and I am grateful when others point out those webs to me.

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One is missing an antennae and the other a few stones. Two pins, one a gift from an antique store and the other a found object. Little winged creatures I occasionally use to dress up my scarves.

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If it had been on the inside of the window then I probably would have felt inclined to reach for a swatter and not my camera. But this fellow was on the outside of the kitchen window just hanging out. A green bottle fly I think. I know, I know, flies have bad reputations but I really think this creature is beautiful. In this context. 😉


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It was hot yesterday. All the windows were open so I wasn’t too surprised to discover this moth flying about in the kitchen. It got stuck for awhile, unsure how to depart. It rested low on the wall and by leaning over a radiator and twisting a bit (and carefully) I was able to get this one shot. Not too long after, it arose from the shadows and made its way out into the night.

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