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winter kale sprouts

winter kale and pea sprouts

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It was a salad made to let loose the day, of rising from my desk and moving about the kitchen, assembling different colors and textures into something aesthetic and theoretically healthy.  In the end, it looked good. And, drizzled with some oil and vinegar, it all tasted pretty good too. 😉

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pumpkin blossoms

(and later a little onion)

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Before I built this nest

I did discover this guest

Whom I freed before I sat down to make this small salad.


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A side salad of sorts made with fresh grown flowers and sprouts from around the house, with a bit of red onion from the fridge.  These salads have become a creative outlet.  Luckily, so far, they are tasty too.  Growing up, the only salads I ate were made of torn iceberg lettuce, sliced red tomatoes and maybe a chopped cucumber.  The dressing was usually mayonnaise from a jar until my mom got into creamy bottled dressings.  Recently, at a restaurant, I saw a salad being served.  On a lovely china saucer sat a wedge of iceberg lettuce and upon its light green surface was drizzled a bit of white dressing.  When I checked the menu for its price, I was a bit startled and could only think of my mom and had to chuckle.

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nasturtium leaves

upland cress and spicy mix sprouts

one tomato and a little red onion

finish off with a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of black pepper and whatever else your heart desires 😉

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Olives scooped out of a jar.  Oregano leaves pulled from little stems.  Everything tossed haphazardly onto salad greens.  A drizzle of olive oil.  Black pepper and salt.  A hunk of bread on the side.  An abstract, if tasty, lunch for sure.


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A friend’s gift from her garden — tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  Simple ingredients that produced a tasty salad once the items were sliced, layered, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with salt, pepper and other seasonings.  The meal was accompanied by toasted bread rubbed with garlic.  The bread was also provided by a friend, but I forgot to photograph the bread before I ate it. Next time … 😉

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