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What a crazy year, and I don’t just mean in world politics. I think each year I write about the chaos of my indoor garden but this year it is super chaotic. And that’s okay. The leaves still catch the light beautifully. 🙂




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In the trees at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.

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cuban oregano

Despite my pictures of the icy landscapes that form on some of the windows in this bitter cold, the sun does shine bright through those very same windows and so my plants shake loose their night time chill and seem to thrive though I have been a vary poor caretaker of late.


flat leaf parsley

The geranium continues to thrive and even grow new leaves though I have it sitting in the coldest room in the house but in a spot that gets the most direct sun at a certain time of day.



And I learned long ago that it is best to just let the nasturtium and African violet just be. Not too much water and let them find the sun in their own way.




african violet

And while the branches on the oak tree are winter bare, so the sun just pours in, I see an opportunity to plant some sprouts for now and to think about what else I’d like to plant in the future.


sprouts planted and empty vessels waiting for seeds

This Sunday it felt good to rise from my desk … and take a break from, though not hide from, the absurdity of the news today … and put hands into soil and sort through seeds and muse upon what I’d like to grow.

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Calligraphy by Daniel Cronin

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… and it fell apart so beautifully. A mammoth bouquet of white flowers with leaves of frosted green whose name I do not even know. I saw it sitting in a black bucket across the store and knew I had to have it. Back on the shelves went a sundry of things because I decided I needed that bouquet more than dark chocolate and such.  It lasted a long time, that bouquet, and during chaotic times I could stare into its midst, with coffee in hand, and just breathe deep.  And it was the breathing deep that got me in the end because after a while, darn allergies, the bouquet’s pleasant scent wasn’t so pleasant after all and so into the hallway it went. With hand over nose, I’d occasionally glance out at its soothing beauty until I needed to be soothed no longer.  As it dried, it fell apart so beautifully.

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While babysitting for a friend. The light shining through mom’s shawl onto her sleeping daughter’s hand. The newest member in a family of artists. A lovely calming sight in a chaotic world. 😉

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Why am I seeking serenity?  Well, in short, I made the “mistake” of looking at the headlines of the New York Times but it is one of those deeds that must be done on occasion so you know, if only a little bit, about what’s happening in the world.  After reading a few articles and sighing deeply, I decided I needed some serene images to pave my way for the rest of the day.  So I went back through the files and selected these images taken a few years ago in a field in Woburn, MA.  Hope you enjoy them and have a good Friday.

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When I first went up the stairs there were no shadows cast on the wall, no dark silhouettes in the air.  Then the sun peeked out for just a short while lighting up my little corner of the world.

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