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Exvoto Family by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-voto Family by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

After an extremely successful opening reception in February, the Riverside Gallery will be extending the Words in Our Work Exhibit into early April with a closing reception scheduled for Sunday, April 10th, from 3:00-5:00 PM.  The distinctly different works of 9 fine artists are on display, all of whom weave words into their visual arts.  In February, it was my pleasure to share a conversation with one of the featured artists, Cedric Harper.  Images in this post are provided by another featured artist, Adriana Prat. Originally from Argentina and now living in Cambridge, I first met Adriana through the Riverside Gallery at the Cambridge Community Center where she is the gallery co-director as well as co-curator of this exhibit.

Exvoto Saint N by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-voto Saint N by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Over the course of several previous exhibits, I’d come to admire the beauty of Adriana’s bright-hued paintings often in oil and acrylic. So when I walked into the Words in Our Work Exhibit I was immediately struck by the difference of these works, the ephemeral nature of layered and textured papers, floating in their frames, and throughout Adriana’s beautiful handwritten script. When I asked her about the inspiration for these works, this is what she shared:

image courtesy of the artist

Ex-Voto Cosmos by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

The pieces installed at the WiOW show were inspired by nostalgia and gratitude.  Nostalgia because they are pieces specifically composed of “treasures” found in my studio: past paintings, materials, forgotten “souls” at some point considered inadequate, neglected or that were simply waiting for their opportunity to belong in a more introspective collection which comes up from meditations about time passing.  Things that were lost that brought much needed found to my life.”

Ex-Voto Cosmos by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

Ex-Voto House of My Dreams by Adriana Prat, image courtesy of the artist

“Why gratitude? Inspired by my attraction to ex-votos which are votive offerings made to a saint or to a divinity, in fulfillment of a vow or miracle.  I first discovered them in my beloved Mexico. My small collection of abstract “ex-votos” stretches the boundaries of the traditional narrative images telling a personal story of a miracle or favor received, and therefore rendering my own vision to express my appreciation to the world that surrounds, nurtures and inspires me.

It is a delight to interact with Adriana, to talk about art and her unique perspectives of the world. Learn more about her at www.agprat.com.  Meet her and several other fine artists in person at the closing reception for Words in Our Work, Sunday, April 10th, 3:00-5:00 PM at the Riverside Gallery.

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… but i am happy to be home. Plus we returned just in time to attend a book festival in Boston. No books were bought but I did have the pleasure of meeting some of the people behind 21st Editions, The Art of the Book.  As a press that uniquely marries fine art photography with poetry, it is my dream publisher.  They produce works primarily acquired by libraries and museums.  As I told one of the staff, the newsletter they send out to subscribers is quite inspiring. I’ve been especially fascinated by the short videos produced to highlight upcoming titles.  When asked what I liked about them, I shared that it was the audio element added to the mix of words and images.  Below is one of my favorites — images of 21st Editions books with a poem read by poet John Wood.  Enjoy.

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I’ve decided to end the year on a high note by sharing the words and images of others, as well as my own.  First up, a new rendition of Jingle Bells.  Yes, Christimas has passed but as I look out at the remnants of the Blizzard of 2010, I’m still feeling rather jolly and in the holiday spirit.


If I uploaded the song correctly (you know me and technology), then simply click on the above link.  Lead singers are Arianna and Sana with Natasha, Mark and Nicki in the background.  Sana, I am pleased to share, is my young cousin, a talented young woman with a beautiful voice and an artist’s eye.  Below is a self-portrait she painted in high school.  Enjoy and have a good day!

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