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I’m pleased to share that I have a new article posted at Creativity Portal.com.  Called “Beneath the Sun, Moon and Stars:  Exploring New Worlds …,” it is the main feature on the home page this week.  It’s a brief piece about having fun trying something new.  I hope you have a chance to stop by and take a look.  Have a good day, folks! 😉

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Well, one day, I was helping a young friend print a musical score.  We were using her laptop and my printer and we kept hitting print and all sorts of buttons but nothing would happen except occasionally a blank sheet of paper would emerge.  We chalked our failure up to bad software-hardware communication.  Days later I realized that one of the printer’s cables had been improperly connected.  I fixed it and began printing documents that I needed for work.  The printer chugged out a page but on the page was not the text I was trying to edit, instead I saw musical notes.  Now you may have picked up from this and other posts that I am not an especially technical person.  I knew I needed to clear the printer queue but I had no idea where to start.  Eventually, I figured it out.  By then, I had many pages of music.  What to do? Hmm…

I still have three sheets left which I think I will save for a future “musical moment.”

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I love showing collage artist Zoe Langosy my photography.  She is the only person who has ever viewed my work and said, “Wow, that’s beautiful.  I can’t wait to cut it up!”  And I, quite frankly, can’t wait to see what she does with the deconstructed images.  As I’ve said before, she is an inspiration to me as an artist who follows her passion with paper and at the same time is so guiding to other artists, young and old.  I’m honored that her latest work includes a bit of my photography, the sunlit branches.

Last time these branches helped garb a geisha of autumn and winter.  This time around the scene is decidely different in the piece she’s created for show at the UForge Gallery’s Visual Lyrics Exhibit.  For this exhibit, artists were challenged to pay homage to the lyrics of their favorite song.  Find out for yourself what song inspired Zoe.  The show will be on view starting tonight through November 27th.  More information available here:  Visual Lyrics Exhibit at UForge Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA.

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It was a pleasure participating in Somerville Open Studios 2011.  I met a lot of wonderful people.  A more detailed post about outcomes I may share later.  For those of you not able to attend the event, the two Geisha, representing the overlap of the four seasons, were beautifully presented by artist Zoe Langosy.  A few signed, limited-edition prints are still available for purchase.  For more information, contact the artist directly through her website  http://www.zoe.langosy.net/folio.php or send me a note that I will share with her.

Read about the origin of these pieces here:  https://wordsandimagesbycynthia.com/2011/04/14/embodying-nature/

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In an article titled “Reading for Fashion,” Stan Tymorek writes of clothing inspiring poetry and of poetry inspiring clothing design.   Near the end of the article he makes note of “… the elaborate Japanese geisha costumes that still manage to mirror nature.”



Well, the kimono robes that  Zoe is creating as part of our collaboration do more than mirror nature.

Each geisha kimono is partially composed of nature photography — the images printed on acid free paper and then applied as dictated by Zoe’s overall design.  Once completed, her two geisha will represent the span and overlap of all four seasons.



Here’s snow I photographed one winter in Newton, MA forming the belt of one kimono.

Here’s a shell photographed in summer off the coast of Maine fleshing out the petals of this kimono’s rose.

With each new image she shares with me, I grow increasingly inspired by Zoe’s unique expression of the geisha and the elaborate design of their attire.  I consider myself a patient person but I am humbled by her ability to meticulously make her creative vision real … piece by tiny piece of paper.

View the completed artwork in just two weeks at Somerville Open Studios.  Zoe will be joining me at my table, located in the Center for Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143.  Who knows? We may be able to share highlights of our next collaboration. 😉

Below is the link for general visitor information.  Hope to see you there.




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I must admit when I took these picture of trees aflame in the fall, and of snow mounds after a winter storm, I did not envision their images forming the vibrant patterns of a geisha’s flowing silk robes.  But luckily I know Zoe Langosy, a figurative artist with a unique view of the world.

Zoe grew up in Somerville in an area made notorious in the 1980’s by Whitey Bulger and the Winter Hill Gang. It was in fact that gang’s activities and the negative impacts on Zoe and her sister that convinced her parents to move the family to Lexington.  There, in school as well as in her family’s bohemian household, Zoe’s artistic talents were fostered.  Eventually she traveled the world, living in London and Los Angeles before returning to the Boston area.

Her beautiful melancholic images have been exhibited in galleries in Boston, Los Angeles and London.  She and I became friends while working together in a local shop.  Somerville Open Studios has presented a great opportunity for collaboration that has already sparked conversation about future projects.  Time will tell.  Right now the focus is Open Studios where  Zoe’s contemporary geisha — three of them — will be clothed, and in some cases tattooed, with bits of sunlit leaves, shimmering snow, and rain-kissed flower petals.

View more of Zoe’s work here.

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