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Richard Feynman talks about the beauty of a flower. Neil deGrasse Tyson describes looking up into the night sky and feeling connected to the universe. While Munari’s books about the sun and the trees bring me joy, the words of Feynman and Tyson in the following short videos, about 3-5 minutes each, reinforce my desire to indulge in exploring the mysteries of this life and to be open to the possibilities. I hope you have a chance to view them.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9D05ej8u-gU

Richard Feynman on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cRmbwczTC6E

Have a good day, folks.

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I do not know if I will ever see an actual aurora in the sky.  But as I downloaded these images from my camera, that is what I thought of.

The strands of light were produced by a little USB plasma ball.  An office gift, Steve plugged it in one night to delight a young child, but turns out I was the one delighted by the light display.

I’m sure there are much clearer pictures I can take over time but I kind of like these dreamy shots.  They stir my imagination.  And they remind me of the words of Joan Feynman, thanking her brother for giving her the aurora.  Hear her for yourself via this short Youtube video.

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That is what that science guy of mine said over breakfast this morning.  “Beauty is fractal.  No matter the scale at which we view a thing, it is beautiful.”  We weren’t specifically talking about flowers but we could have been.  There is more I’d like to write about that statement but why when someone else has written so … beautifully … about “the mystery of a flower.”  If you have five minutes and eleven seconds today, check out this video and hear the words of physicist Richard Feynman on Beauty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRmbwczTC6E&list=PL92F9FC91BBE2210D

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