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roses from a bouquet long ago given to me


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It has become an unintended experiment in observation, to see what happens to this rose over time. How the light strikes it. Where the shadows fall. Given to me as part of a bouquet over a month ago, it now rests upon a bed of shells that I have been collecting for a future art installation. More in the future about the rose and the installation.

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upon a white sheet of paper and for some reason the petals reminded me of a ball gown and so I tried to draw little legs and high heeled shoes. My nine-year old friend said the shoes looked a bit like rabbits but we agreed that was okay. 🙂


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It is the end of the season but …

… the roses are still beautiful and …

… still growing.

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Sitting in front of the kitchen window on the windowsill and perhaps being eyed by the fly are the red roses drying nicely orange beneath the summer sun.

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