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… they did keep falling gently into the puddles.  The puddles had been formed earlier in the morning when the heavy rains fell.  As the rain eased I decided to see what would happen if I tried to photograph the ripples upon the waters.  Afterwards as I played with brightness, contrast and color, the images  reminded me of a watery universe.  I’m not sure why my mind is in the stars of late, but … I am going to go with the flow and so I have created a temporary gallery pairing these water universe pics with my black sands universe series.  Enjoy. 😉

Like Stars in the Sky Gallery


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As a child I learned to find Orion’s Belt in the night sky.  But the star that mattered to me most was one whose name I still do not know with certainty.  It was the bright light visible above the neighbor’s house across the street.  Sometimes the speck would become lost in the canopy of the neighbor’s pear tree but inevitably at some point in some season its brightness shone.  My mother, who knew far more about the earth than about the heavens, would point it out to me.  With a smile, she always called it “Mama’s star.”  In the quiet of the night, she would stare up into that sky, at her star, letting her mind roam.  I’ve been lucky as an adult to travel the world and see the night skies from many different vantage points, and I feel lucky to live in an age when what I can’t see telescopes can capture beautifully.

By the way, these are not astronomy photographs.

While thinking about various things this morning, my eyes happened to fall upon the bowl of black sand I used for the recent shells photo shoot.  I suddenly, desperately wanted to try photographing something else against that sand, especially something red.  After deciding that using tomatoes would be bad (since I need them for dinner tonight), I searched and found some unopened tubes of glitter.  As I poured them out onto the sand, the sun made them sparkle like stars.  And thus the inspiration for this post.

Here’s NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html

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Ice upon windows is beautiful.  At night that can be hard to remember as I shiver under the covers.  But in the morning when the wintry sun strikes the delicate forms layered upon the glass … well, that’s a whole different situation, isn’t it? 😉

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Imagine if Van Gogh had experienced light pollution comparable to what is experienced in many urban cities today.  Most likely, he would never have painted Starry Starry Night. Mention “Milky Way” to a teenager living in New York City or Los Angeles.  Given the young people I’ve spoken with, they know the candy bar and they remember the term from science class.  But they really have had no experience of looking up into black velvet night and seeing the milky sweep of the galaxy that is ours.  So many of us write about inspiration, but what source of inspiration has been lost as we have, often by necessity, dimmed the heavenly lights so that we may brighten the light upon land?

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