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You can read more about Castle Island via this link.  A beautiful place to visit year-round.  At this time of year, remember to wear extra thick layers as you’re walking the water’s edge.

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Back in the summer, I wrote a piece about finding inspiration in the dark.  As autumn progresses, I find myself still dabbling in the medium.

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A mountainous landscape in some far away place.  Stars shine in the dark waters flowing past rocky shores.  At least that’s what I see on screen.

But in reality?

In fact, the landscape is two pieces of paper juxtaposed.  I had been working with paper on the kitchen table when afternoon sunlight hit these two — a textured brown and a sheet of black — in such a way that I could not help but snap a photo.  Later, on the computer, I desaturated the color and then my imagination took over. 😉

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