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thin sheets of bamboo

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It was a square of red tissue paper found in the bottom of a box. Crumpled in a mug sitting next to a window, it captured the winter light well.

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A bit of paper glued down to another surface.  Collage is simply that, and so much more than that, at the same time.  I’ve certainly come to appreciate the vision and intricate work involved with collage through my ongoing collaboration with artist Zoe Langosy. More to report soon about our next collaboration for 2013.  Meanwhile …

* here’s a wonderful essay by artist Camille Martin writing about The Collaged Brain in Talking Writing Magazine

* here’s a vintage post highlighting an early collaboration with Zoe as she took simple branches and sea shell images and wove them into cloth.

* you can also read more about Zoe’s creative process in this interview.


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I recently sent my young nephew a paper object (a train).  I warned his parents that it was coming through the mail, and that I did not expect it to last more than one gleeful scream and then be forever changed as strong young hands enjoyed an ephemeral object.  And that was okay.  I wanted to give him a gift that could be enjoyed in the moment and not worried about preserving.

These ephemeral works I created as a gift to myself … and probably to my neighbors below.  I could not sleep and decided I should stop pacing the night away.  And so I sat and found some paper and pens … and some leftover lip gloss and decided to see what might end up on the page.


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A mountainous landscape in some far away place.  Stars shine in the dark waters flowing past rocky shores.  At least that’s what I see on screen.

But in reality?

In fact, the landscape is two pieces of paper juxtaposed.  I had been working with paper on the kitchen table when afternoon sunlight hit these two — a textured brown and a sheet of black — in such a way that I could not help but snap a photo.  Later, on the computer, I desaturated the color and then my imagination took over. 😉

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… I am finding paper so fascinating this year. 😉

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For a while, if you visit The Shop at Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston, and wander over to the children’s section, you will see an array of paper cranes dangling from the ceiling…

… like a wave of birds in flight …

… colors bright and warm …

… shadows cast upon the ceiling in the wavering lights.

The birds were made by Anulfo Baez, a guest contributor on this site before.  Upon learning that Shop staff were contemplating a new window display involving birds, he donated his origami creations.  Several hundred in number, he had originally intended to make 1,000.  Do you know the lore surrounding One Thousand Cranes?

Even if you do know, read Anulfo’s story, One Thousand Paper Cranes for Japan.  While he did not reach his original goal, I think what he did create will bring a bit of brightness and joy into the life of anyone who has the opportunity to see his art repurposed.

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More “paperwork” viewable here.

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