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Actually it is not so much that the roots are submerged as they have emerged. After a certain person picked basil leaves to make some pesto, I took the mostly bare stems and placed them in water next to a window. There were just enough leaves left to absorb the light and spark some root growth.

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My indoor garden is so chaotic and I love it.

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What a crazy year, and I don’t just mean in world politics. I think each year I write about the chaos of my indoor garden but this year it is super chaotic. And that’s okay. The leaves still catch the light beautifully. 🙂




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The heat is making me and my little tabletop garden a bit droopy. But we’re hanging in there. Unruly or not, it’s nice to see that spot of green next to the window. Next major gardening goal is to plant the nasturtium seeds that my cousin gave me. I’ve got the dirt now I just have to find the gumption … which will most likely happen after the temperature falls tomorrow. 🙂

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fennel climbing the window



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In the morning I like to sit at the kitchen table with my coffee and look out the window at the oak tree. In the time I’ve lived in this house it has grown significantly. Its branches have grown long and wide. Throughout the winter I watch the different birds, and squirrels, and occasional raccoon, rest upon its bare branches. But now, as it should be, spring green leaves are finally growing. And even as I relish the transformation taking place in front of me I have to acknowledge that my hallway garden that receives so much light in winter because of bare branches is about to become a shade garden and so I have some plants to creatively move around. 🙂

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Each morning begins with a heavy sigh after reading the headlines but then as I peer out the various windows I find peace in my little garden of sprouts and herbs and so forth growing wherever they can catch the light.


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