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I am now used to going to the store and spying some cool vegetable, bringing it home to photograph and then turning to a startled Steve and saying, “Okay, you can cook it now.”  In our time together, I have come to greatly respect both the aesthetics and the flavor of his off-the-cuff culinary expressions.  What I’m not used to is walking through the door and him saying, “Wait until you see what I picked up at the market.  You have to photograph it before we eat it!”  It quickly became clear why this edible excited a science guy. 😉

I’ve seen exotic cauliflowers before but never one quite like this.  A Romanesco.  “Reminds me of the Mandlebrot set,” Steve said matter of factly.  “See how each little sprig is self-referential?”  Well … while I did have to look up a few terms later,  I do understand what he was saying about the fractal nature of this little guy.  It was fun to photograph, and more fun to eat.

In the end, Steve chopped it up then sauteed it in olive oil with minced garlic, a little chopped red onion and a small handful of chanterelle mushrooms.   I can’t wait to see what he picks up at the farmer’s market this weekend!

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For my friend Melissa, I trek through bogs to photograph frogs, all the while hoping they don’t hop down my shirt.  For Emily, I keep an eye out for owls in the wild though mostly right now I just buy her owl stationery.  There’s a young woman in NY who loves squirrels and for her I have even roped Steve into carrying around nuts so we can thank the squirrels for their time in front of my camera.  And for Yves, I find bears, not yet in the wild, though I did come across bear tracks while blueberry picking in Maine.

This fellow I found in the bottom of a bargain bin soon to be tossed out for trash.  Somehow a light sparkled in his eye so that I grabbed him with a triumphant shout.  For seventy-five cents I carried him out the door and one day I’m sure he’ll make his way to his new home.  If I don’t forget to send him on his way.  You see, sometimes I do.  If you were to visit my place, in nooks and crannies and especially on the window sills, you’ll find caches of ceramic frogs, paper owls and bears in so many different forms.

These fellows, comprising a 2011 calendar, I found in a shop in Japan late last year.  It was a joy to find them once again, just in time, to send my dear friend the months still valid … ahem, just December.  As for the bear in the boat at the opening of this post?

Well he and his friends I found at a fair, made of cedar I think and meant to tuck into drawers.  Now I’m sure my young friend has many a drawer and I sure should have sent these to him by now.  And I will.  One day.  Meanwhile I hope that he likes these few photos until he can hold these wee bears for himself.

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With today’s sunset, I focused less on the sky and more on the sunlit branches cast in silhouette.


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A paper umbrella, its red fading in the sunlight.

Powdered cinnamon about to be measured for apple crisp.

Steve’s well-used cook books. 😉

A golden yolk … too runny for me to eat, but so beautiful in the morning light.


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Well, after a long day at the computer that left me with eyes sore and lower back aching, plus the host of other things that happened, I was starting to get a little grumpy.  Not seriously so, just enough to make me feel a bit sorry for myself as the work day ended.  I leaned back in my chair with head thrown back wondering all sorts of thoughts.  That’s when it happened.

I turned my head just a fraction of an inch and out of the corner of my eye I saw color.  As if someone had taken a paint brush dipped in orange and blue and browns and pinks and just a hint of gold and raked the dripping bristles across the sky.

Even as red gave way to indigo and soon to darkest night, I felt my day lighten. No matter the few aches and pains and issues I might have, I was reminded in a relatively few minutes, how lucky I am in this life.



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Belle Isle Marsh Reservation in East Boston, Massachusetts is Boston’s last remaining salt marsh.  It is a family-friendly, dog-friendly (i.e. watch your step!), easy to traverse recreation spot.  Because it is near the airport, there is often the interesting juxtaposition of a plane flying over as a white heron or mallard duck or any number of other seabirds look up at a fellow winged beast.

It is a regular hiking spot for Steve and I.  I enjoy photographing the foliage in silhouette against the sky …

… and the end of season seeds and berries about to hit the ground.

He enjoys collecting juniper berries for one of his special sauces. 😉

You can read more about Belle Isle here.  And, you may read more about Steve’s Juniper Berry Sauce in the near future.  Yum.  Meanwhile, have a good Monday, folks.

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Long ago, I found two white feathers in the deep dark woods beneath a towering tree.  At least that’s the story I told a little girl in need of a fairy tale.  In fact, I found these lovely wisps in an art store.  I tucked them into a blue vase.  Awaiting inspiration, I guess.  Well, this Sunday, inspiration flooded through the windows as sunlight … as always, illuminating life’s simple beauty.

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