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It’s actually the redesign of an “old” scarf based on a photograph of the chancel wall at Trinity Church Boston. This scarf is brighter with crisper detail where as the earlier version had more of a soft rosy hue due to light falling from an adjacent stained glass window.


If you’ve not seen it first hand, Trinity’s chancel is hand stenciled with beautiful floral and spiritual details. Its design and decoration is not original to the 140-year old building designed by H. H. Richardson. The original apse in 1877 was much more simple. It was redesigned in the 1930s by Maginnis and Walsh.


This silk scarf featuring the chancel decoration is available exclusively in the Trinity Church gift shop. You can learn more about the chancel on the Art and Architecture page of the Trinity Church website and of course on a tour.


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The sun shone bright late in the day.  I did focus my camera at the sky at one point to see what affect on the clouds but in the end it was the light inside that caught my attention most. I was given this scarf by a friend several years ago. It had belonged to her grandmother. I don’t wear the scarf much anymore. I use it more for interior decoration in my work space at home. It is draped over books and old correspondence, all of which is a source of inspiration.


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Playing around with textiles. We’ll see what the new year holds. 🙂

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orange silk at the window

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What happens when you stumble upon a basket of silk scarves …

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