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Photographing the stained glass windows at Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston is a treat.  The rich colors of the glass.  How the sunlight shining through at different hours can produce a different effect in the same window.  Even in those windows that are clear.  But I often tell people when entering the building, don’t just look up.  Look at the wood.  Check out the door knobs with their intricate details, and be sure to look down.  You never know what lays at your feet …  or under them.

p.s. Self-guided and guided tours are available of this beautiful building.  Learn more about tours here.

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As a child in Virginia I never imagined that I’d spend so much time as an adult in a place like Trinity Church watching sunlight stream through stained glass windows and play upon walls designed and painted by the likes of artist John La Farge.  This is a photograph of one of those murals.  I’m pleased at how it turned out as a postcard.  Soon to be available in the church Book Shop.  There is a wealth of information available in books and online about John La Farge.  I found particularly interesting this article about the rivalry between La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Below are a few additional images of the murals.  Just a tease really because no picture can compare to the real thing. 😉

Learn more about the artist John LaFarge, architect Henry Hobson Richardson and much more on the church website.

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a quick image while sitting by the fountain in copley square

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a photo taken in the midst of summer

yet the colors seem a harbinger of autumn

I would not mind if time slowed just a bit 😉

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This past spring I met a man in Boston Common.  He sings.

I don’t remember if he had an instrument in-hand that first meeting. Most striking were his looks and that voice. Skin as dark as night. A scraggly beard and bushy eyebrows, all white as snow.  His voice carried across the park.  A gentle rumble.  Bass, perhaps.  Imagine Paul Robeson in sound.

“Can anyone spare some change? Can anyone spare some change? Can anyone spare some chaaaaaange?”

At first I ignored him.  I generally have no spare change.  And I have mixed feelings about giving money to panhandlers.

“Can anyone spare some change? Can anyone spare some change? Can anyone spare some chaaaaaange?”

But then one day we made eye contact.  It has been ingrained that if eye contact is made with a stranger no words need be exchanged but at a minimum try to nod in greeting.  And so I did.

“Can anyone spare some … ooooh … Does anyone have a pretty smile?  Does anyone have a pretty smile?”

Ever since that moment, when our paths cross in the Common, which is not very often, he will change his song for me.

“Oh there’s that pretty smile.  There’s that pretty smile.”

I know I can’t be the only one he does this for.  I have yet to place coins in his cup, but he sure does make me feel like I brighten his day.  At some point, I shall have to tell him that the sound of his voice brightens mine.

Footnote 1:  Checkout the blog Lust & Rum by photographer Anton Brookes.  There, he shares pictures that are heartbreaking and deeply moving of the homeless on the streets of NYC.  Following his photographic journey helps remind me to keep my eyes open to those sights I might like to ignore.

Footnote 2: If you’ve not heard the voice of Paul Robeson, you can hear a sample via the following 1 minute and 22 second clip.  Enjoy.

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Well, there’s all sorts of things I’d like to cry havoc about today but the words and thoughts aren’t coming together so I’ll simply share a few good things in the works.

a new postcard

In a 2006 article for The Guardian, biographer Fiona MacCarthy writes, “Christmas would not be Christmas without a Burne-Jones angel.” This particular angel is from a group of stained glass windows at Trinity Church commonly referred to as the Christmas windows.  They depict The Journey into Egypt, Worship of the Magi, and Wonder of the Shepherds.  This particular blue-winged angel is from the Wonder of the Shepherds.  Designed by Burne-Jones and executed by William Morris (1882).  Available in August at the Trinity Book Shop.

a new notecard

This Madonna and Child does not appear in Trinity Church.  The image is the center panel of a triptych likely created over 100 years ago for a competition in Florence, Italy.  A set of 5-notecards will be made available at the Trinity Book Shop closer to the holidays.

small prints

A colleague recently said, “You’re always taking pictures of that statue.”  I think there’s always something new to see.  This is St. Francis in the garden on the Clarendon Street side of Trinity Church.  A different angle than the image in the current postcard available in the Shop.  This image is available as a 5×7 print in an 8×10 mat.  I find it serene and hope others will too.

special requests

I’m not on Etsy yet but luckily that hasn’t prevented friends and family from placing special orders.  Through them, I sometimes see my work with new eyes.  Always enjoyable.  I created these notecards for a friend looking for something a little different than traditional Hallmark.

next steps?

Not sure at this very moment, except … to take a deep breath, get up from my desk and go for a brief walk out into the day.  And be sure to bring my camera. 😉

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