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pansy upon pea sprouts and one red tomato

Though in my previous post I mentioned tracking down white blooms, somehow it was the blue that caught my eyes at my flower market today.

violas dressing up kefir cheese

violas dotting the salad greens

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After confirming that the flowers were edible, Ricky of Ricky’s Market asked me to tell him how they tasted. Well, they don’t taste like much to me, but what wonderful brightness they add to a salad. Like sunlight.

I have to return to Ricky’s soon and I am contemplating picking up some white flowers. If I place their petals upon the dark green leaves of spinach and kale will I be reminded of the moon this time? We shall see. 🙂

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It’s just that my cousin sent me a packet of viola seeds and so I became curious about the viola.  The seeds have been planted and they are sprouting quite nicely.  Meanwhile I decided to visit my favorite flower market where I picked up a few viola plants.  The owner saw me coming and he just shook his head.  “You just can’t stop yourself, can you?”

I confirmed with him that the flowers are edible and I’ve done a bit of my own research. So, if the winter was a time of the nasturtium, in their pots and on my plate, perhaps the spring will be one featuring the viola decorating this and that to be determined.

But, FYI, the nasturtium continue to grow, including a young pot of Empress of India.  The cover of the seed packet suggests that all of the blooms will be dark red.  So far all I see is a lot of dark green leaves with no indication of buds let alone blooms.  So, I’m back to practicing that patience thing. 😉

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