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The image is from a stained glass window at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.  The interior is blank.  Click HERE for more information.  Other note cards, greeting cards and postcards of seasonal interest are below. Just click on the image. Enjoy. 😉

Peruse the whole store via the following link. An eclectic mix of items for sure capturing what I see as I meander in the world. http://www.zazzle.com/imagesbycynthia/products


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Mugs are on sale.  I repeat, mugs and espresso cups are on sale in my zazzle shop, ImagesbyCynthia.  Click on any image to learn more.  Most of the images are in the realms of nature and science.

In the realm of food, there’s some new 6×6 prints and coasters available in the JustFood shop. Enjoy!

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I have three little shops and there’s one Black Friday. If you’ve visited my shops and seen something you liked for yourself or someone else, now’s a great time to revisit and take advantage of these discounts.  Links for the shops are below. New items have been added in them all.  Enjoy. 😉




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New postage stamps have been approved in one of my Zazzle shops.  Colorful vintage images celebrating nature, reading and fashion. Enjoy!

* Parasol Stamp available via this link.

* Joy of Reading Stamp available via this link.

* Parrot Stamp available via this link.

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I am not a full-time food photographer or stylist, but I do have fun on occasion with a piece of fruit or a slice of vegetable sitting on a dark plate in the sunlight.  And if you follow this blog you know how I love my potted herbs.  I’ve collected some of my favorite food photos into a new Zazzle shop:  Just Food by Cynthia.

Posters in this store will always be 6 x 6 in size and available for purchase at $9.75.  Why 6 x 6?

Well, I personally love 6 x 6 frames, like the following, which easily stack on surfaces in the kitchen or can hang, often in a series, on the wall.  This particular image of a romanesco broccoli was purchased for a gentleman who studies fractals, and loves to eat. 😉

Please visit the store when you can.  New items to be added at least once a month. Yum! 😉

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It is with great pleasure to begin the year working on producing new sets of postcards for the Book Shop in Trinity Church in Copley Square, postcards that highlight just a bit the outstanding artwork and craftsmanship of the church’s interior.  The above image is a detail from one of the windows in the chancel executed by Clayton & Bell of London, Jesus in the Temple with the Doctors.  The following image is a detail from The Ascension, a window located in the south transept and executed by A. Oudinot of Paris.

The postcards should be available by end of the month exclusively at the shop.

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How many legs does the frog have? That’s the question I wrote on the back of the Melissa’s Frog postcard that I mailed to my 3-year old nephew.  I’ve felt firsthand the quality of the posters, whether simple poster prints or archival heavyweight paper.  The mugs I’ve left out for display and watched as people remarked at the beautiful glazing.  My passion, of course, are the notecards and stamps.  They’ve sparked quite the conversation at my local post office.  Please see if there is anything of interest for you, your family, friends and colleagues.  Meanwhile, have a good weekend, folks.

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A gift given to Steve by a friend.  Glass cocktail stirrers picked up at an antique shop. I’m sure he’ll use them at the appropriate time, but for now I have squirreled them away into a tall glass and placed them amidst my plants so that they too can catch the light.

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Honest, I’m not trying to rush the seasons, but here is a limited time offer.  Just use the code SHARE10 at checkout and you can get $10 off your purchase of the book, Summer Colors.  Click on the above image for a sneak preview of the beauty I found one summer in New England.  Offer ends March 31st.  There’s also a nifty little book about a hidden gem of a park. See what you think.  😉

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