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It was a delight to receive an email from graphic design artist and photographer Cindy Dyer earlier this year.  I had “liked” a post on her beautiful blog and she had visited mine in response.  She liked enough of what she saw to invite me to include my essay, Seeds, in the Spring 2013 issue of her digital magazine, Celebrate Home.  The issue is on newsstands now, so to speak, free to download and print issues can be purchased.  Seeds can be found on page 95 but I encourage to check out all of the writing, imagery, and recipes to found in this lovely publication.  And you can check out Cindy’s blogs via the following links:  http://www.cindydyer.wordpress.com/ and http://www.gardenmuse.wordpress.com/

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I have learned that my brother and I have been independently dreaming of front porches.  We live in homes now that have porches of a sort but not the porch of our childhood.  Each of us is feeling that call that comes at this time of year to make ready the porch.  Paint and put out the chairs.  Hope the maple tree next door will provide enough shade.  Try to grow some potted plants.  And so on.  In honor of those memories, I share this link to an essay I wrote not long after moving up north from down south:   Sitting on the Front Porch.

By the way, when I wrote this essay, my brother still lived in the house.  He now rents it to an older lady who likes to grow tomato plants in all available space including along the front porch.  And the elderly lady who appears near the end of the essay is still alive.  I visited her during a trip back to Virginia.  She was very welcoming from her front porch and even took us inside to sit for a bit where her children had to remind her at some point, “Mama, you are 99 not 89.”  Her response was “Is that right?”  And so it goes. 😉

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… a beautiful light falls upon the landlord’s trees and shrubs.  I have said it once and I’ll say it again, one day I will have to make him a book of all the beauty I’ve seen out of his windows over the years. 😉 And now I am off into the day for a walk.  Have a good day, folks.

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A poinsettia sits in the kitchen window, a holiday gift still providing much pleasure.

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Ice upon windows is beautiful.  At night that can be hard to remember as I shiver under the covers.  But in the morning when the wintry sun strikes the delicate forms layered upon the glass … well, that’s a whole different situation, isn’t it? 😉

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When I return to Virginia, I am always surprised in a wondrous way by the beauty of the light falling upon the landscape.  It is different than the light that inspires me here in New England.  At some point I must sit and write about those lights, but until then I will simply share this picture taken while visiting with family.  For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good holiday.

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I have written of Steve’s kitchen quite often and in various ways, from the dishes he prepares to the memories evoked by his simple act of making coffee.  This autumn, I have found that even with that cup of coffee in hand, I like to sit in the quiet of his warming kitchen.  Like ritual, I watch the remaining leaves on the towering oak tree flutter in a morning breeze, and then … it happens.  I look across the table at Steve and I say, “The sun is coming around the corner on its sled.”  He says, “Mmmmhmm.”

It does not flood the room, this autumn light.  It moves slowly like honey or light maple syrup across a plate.  My favorite part?  How light pours upon the pot of sage.

It soaks into dusty leaves, alive and dead, and runs along unruly stems.

Truth be told, there are other herbs in the room, on the same little table, buckets of basil, rosemary stalks and more.  But my favorite sight in the morning light, this autumn so far anyway, remains the sage …

…even when its leaves are not green.

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Odd items, I suppose, a tiny scrapbook of family pictures, the remains of my first and probably last attempt at eating escargot and a blade of grass picked up on the way home.

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Ingredients Found Around the Kitchen

3 slices of smoked salmon

teaspoon of chopped red onions

3 shredded red basil leaves

3 slices of a campari tomato

a little salt and pepper

a dollop of Steve’s homemade aioli

Served with 3 crackers and a glass of cold sparkling water (including 3 ice cubes). 😉

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